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As Digital and Social Media Marketers, we handle the online digital and social media marketing efforts of business to help that business grow. Marketing a business takes time, effort and a budget to maintain it over the long haul, since marketing is not like a magic microwave with instant results.

Marketing takes time!  And most businesses don't have the time it takes to maintain their social media presence. 

Clock Time running out

Time is more valuable than money.

There is no quick fix to growing your customer base, but social media offers a way for the business to be personable and interactive with their customers, while offering a steady supply of good content to be appealing to them. It's more work than it seems!

Digital Marketing optimizes your website presence, your blog, email lists and mailings, and targeted advertising. Tying in your online presence to your offline is also key for a unified branding and message.

We create Facebook business pages, accounts on Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, Google +,  update them regularly as well as monitor and respond.  People are very pleased with our work, and refer our services to their friends and colleagues. We must be doing something right! 🙂

But as much as I educate my clients, I find that they are still not contributing to the growth of their audience by doing the online and offline marketing necessary. They lack a marketing plan, and the budget and time to make it happen.  Yes, I can get these things done for them, but many are small businesses and don't want to pay for this marketing, saying they will do it.  Of course, they never get to it and the social media accounts languish.

So here is a brief primer for what a client who has a Facebook business page -- and/or other social media accounts -- needs to do (or pay someone to do it 🙂 ) to connect the many efforts that make up marketing:

1.  Put your social media account URLs in your email signature. Make sure it is a clickable link!  Don't make it difficult for people to find your page -- bring them straight to it!  Nothing makes less sense than a post reading "Find me on Facebook" and tells you the name of their page.  How do they know if there aren't a few pages with similar names?  Your future fans will never find you.  Make It Easy!  Put a clickable link in your email signature and elsewhere!

1.a.  Be sure it is the entire link to your Facebook page, including the http://  And if it is a brand new page with fewer than 25 fans, the whole rigamarole including the long set of numbers at the end.  When you get to 25 fans you can choose a shorter vanity URL for your page.

2.  Put a clickable link anywhere you post asking people to be a fan or follower!  See #1 above.  Don't ask people to search for you, nobody has the time unless they are your mother.  Give the direct clickable link to your page so they get there easily and fast.

3.  Like your own Facebook page!  I thought everyone knew this, but evidently not.  If you don't like your own page, how do you expect others to like it?

4.  Tell your Facebook friends on your personal profile about your Facebook page.  Again, put the clickable link directly to it and ask them to visit and Like your page.  If you have a lot of friends, I'm sure they would be willing to support your business.

5.  Tell your Twitter followers and update your LinkedIn profile with the URL link to your Facebook page!  Do this every so often as a reminder to them, but don't spam people either!  Once a week - at most - depending on if you post other updates or tweets, less often if you do not.  The last thing folks want to see is your Twitter page filled with only your Facebook info;  you must tweet other things too!  Same with LinkedIn, make your update about Facebook as a mix-in with other updates.  Each platform has its own type of audience. Some crossover is OK, but not a direct funnel to the other.

6.  Be sure your website has clickable social media icons that when clicked will bring the clicker directly to your business accounts.  I can't tell you how often this is overlooked.  Connect the two!

7.  Be sure your traditional media materials - brochures, ads, fliers, newsletters, etc. and business cards - all have the Social Media icons on them.  Here you can put "Find us on Facebook" since obviously the icon isn't clickable.  If you do trade shows, have a standup card with a Find us on Facebook with the icon and URL name of your page.

Without the offline efforts, the online social media effort will be uphill.  Grow your Fans and you will grow your business.  Connect with your customers on Social Media and offline too!

To learn more, please see our blog posts:  Social Media Marketing for Small Business Can't Operate in a Vacuum  and Online Marketing Begins With Your Website  and more under the tab of Blog and Commentary.

Contact Miller Finch Media with any questions you have, we're happy to be of assistance.  Email us or Call 770-289-5681 M-F, 10-6 ET.  Thank you.

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