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To better serve you, we’ll be answering some Frequently Asked Questions that many of you might have. If you don’t see something covered here, please drop us a line at our email or call us at 770-289-5681 Mon-Fri 10a-6p ET for further assistance.


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What services do you provide?

Miller Finch Media offers personal and professional Social Media Marketing services to our clients, integrating Social Media with clients’ other marketing efforts.

We also offer Email Marketing Services, Coaching and Training, and Facebook, Google Ads, Twitter, and LinkedIn Advertising.


How do you work?

First, we have a look at the potential client’s website to determine what content is there for us to use in marketing the client. Social Media needs a lot of content for regular postings. We also curate content to fill in the gaps if the website is lacking.  As we’ve said in our blog, Online Marketing Begins with Your Website. If the website is lacking in design or other difficulties, we advise the potential client to fix the website before beginning marketing.

We also look at reviews of the potential client. If there are terrible reviews of the client, we advise them to correct the problems before marketing. Social Media Marketing only amplifies what is already there, including negative reviews.


How long has Miller Finch Media been in business?

Miller Finch Media has been in business for a number of years now, having been founded in 2010. We are professionals, mature, and savvy to the ways of business as well as social media platforms and marketing.  We are not dilettantes to business or social media, nor do we do this as a part-time hobby as some social media people do. We are marketing and business professionals dedicated to your success and continually update our skills and knowledge to benefit our clients.

We are a trustworthy company, rest assured.  As a former public school substitute teacher, Miller Finch herself had to be vetted and fingerprinted by the Georgia Bureau of Investigation, and similarly vetted by the local police department when she was to teach classes at that city’s community center. All perfectly clear, of course. She has been known to get a speeding ticket every few years. 😉 Add in being taught by nuns for 12 years back in the day, and believing in karma,  Miller Finch does the right thing by her clients as evidenced by many testimonials and reviews.


What do you require from the client?

Miller Finch Media does have requirements of the client for logos, headshots, event info if any, bios, products/services, menus, photos, additional content if available, etc. that we ask for at the outset.  We also ask small business owners (who are their businesses) to share their business account info to their personal accounts from time to time.

We also emphasize to the small business owner that personal networking and integrating their social media information into their other marketing efforts is essential. For example, an email signature with clickable links to their social media accounts is highly important as it becomes a marketing piece with every email. Icons on paper collateral is also necessary to integrate the client’s marketing.  Read more at our blog post: Social Media Marketing for Small Business Can’t Operate in a Vacuum

Miller Finch Media also strongly advocates for a client to have a Facebook advertising budget. Since the organic reach of Facebook has radically declined since December 2013, advertising is essential to being visible in the newsfeed and gaining fans. Without ads, reach on FB will be minimal at best. The ad budget is separate and in addition to your monthly maintenance.

We work hard to understand your business, your clients, and your target market, and give highly personal service — not outsourcing to overseas workers. If we don’t know something about your business, we ask.  We welcome input and content, of course, but we are not fans of being micromanaged as it is detrimental to our work of marketing your business for you.   When you give us the ball, let us run with it. You won’t be disappointed.


How much does it cost?

We have a basic overview of our Social Media Marketing services under this tab: Hire Us.  Miller Finch Media’s services are individually customized for each client based upon the general overview fees and services.  For services not listed, please contact us. Our contact info is at the bottom of the page.

We have a Setup/Revision one-time fee per platform and Monthly Maintenance Service Fees.  Each month is prepaid prior to commencement of work.  Setup/Revision fees are also due prior to work commencement.  Initial services would be for the Setup/Revision fees and the first month of Maintenance services.   Revision fees apply even if you have social media accounts in place. The accounts would still need adjustments to bring them up to best practices for social media.

Our Social Media Marketing Services are for an initial minimum of six months, after which the services are automatically renewed for another six months.  Miller Finch Media or the client may terminate services with a 30 day written notice prior to the start of the renewal, or according to the contract.

For questions on services not listed, please contact us. Our contact info is at the bottom of the page.

Regarding proposals, we don’t do proposals because we speak at length with you by phone to determine your overall social media needs, platforms, and budget, and based on that conversation we send the invoice for our Setup/Revision and Monthly services to you.  Upon receipt of payment, the plan gets underway.


How do we pay for your services?

Invoices are emailed 5 days prior to due date and payment is due upon receipt of invoice.  Our payment terms are Net Upon Receipt.  We also send a Paypal invoice at the same time for your payment convenience. We do not add the 3% Paypal fee to your total.


We hope this FAQ has been helpful to you, and welcome any further questions you may have.  You can reach us by phone at 770-289-5681  M-F, 10-6 ET or by email. We also have a Popup box on our website pages that you can use to reach us.  Thank you for your interest in Miller Finch Media and we look forward to connecting with you soon!


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Miller Finch Media – Social Media Marketing Atlanta NY USA


Updated Oct. 9, 2015