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Quick Tips for Doing Social Media Marketing Yourself

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Some quick tips for handling your own small business social media marketing – Use a Dashboard – these are useful for scheduling your updates across your platforms. Automatic link-shrinking is included, and is vital for posting to Twitter. Smartphone & Tablet Apps – Essential for posting on the go and to stay on top of comments, questions, retweets, and mentions.  All social media platforms have apps, so be sure to have them. Dashboards also have apps, so include your chosen dashboard app on your phone or pad. Make a...

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Social Media Changes Can Make Your Head Swim

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At a recent seminar I gave to new and new-ish entrepreneurs, the attendees were exhausted by the time it was over. They didn’t realize the amount of information needed to know to run social media for a business.  And then to learn that social media changes constantly and they must stay on top of it was pretty much mind blowing for them. Yes, this is what we at Miller Finch Media do. We stay current on social media changes, post your updates within the ever-changing guidelines and best practices, and we keep our heads and yours from...

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Are You Still Unaware of Facebook Insights for Your Page?

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In teaching clients on how to use their Facebook pages better, many of them are unaware of the availability of Facebook Insights — the data collection of analytics for their Page.  You gain access to your Facebook Page Insights from the top of your Admin Panel at the top area above your Cover Image. Go have a look if this is new to you. By using these analytics, you can readily see a number of useful tabbed sections that: can help you see where your audience is from, what time and days your fans most use Facebook so you can time your...

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Use Your Social Media Headers for Marketing Your Business

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On our social media platforms, we are given areas for filling in our information, but many accounts leave out key information that would be useful to their audiences. They aren’t using this key “real estate” to their advantage. On Twitter, be sure your info expresses what you are about — if a company, put in your website URL and keywords for your business.  You only have a limited number of characters for this area, so make them count! For Facebook business pages, your URL should be visible in the About section area...

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Connect your Facebook business page link to your personal on Facebook

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There are still those who list their business page as their Work on their personal Facebook Timeline, but when you click on it, the click is directed to a Blue Briefcase, and not the business page. This is a lost opportunity for your friends to learn more about your business. Here’s how to fix it and make it a clickable link.

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Making Connections on Social Media

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Questions arise as to who should I connect with on social media, or should I accept that invitation or follow back that person who follows me? Here are some tips.
There’s no definitive answer, it depends on what you want and how you relate to people.

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Keep Your Computer Safe From Hackers

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A few resources you can use to keep your computer safe. We use these constantly, and although it is not a complete list, it is helpful.
Keep your browser updated! We use Chrome for faster and safer web browsing.

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Facebook Updates – Summer/Fall 2012

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Much has happened with Facebook since the summer of 2012; oftentimes changes came weekly and unannounced, as is Facebook’s way. We just have to find out as they happen to us and share information amongst ourselves. More changes are in the wind, so we shall see soon enough.

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Choosing a Name for Your Business – Search it first

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When choosing a name for your business, Google and Bing it first to see what comes up. Your name may be connected to something unsavory that you really don’t want to be associated with. Better to know ahead of time than after you’ve spent time and money in registering, trademarking, and promoting it.

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Stop SHOUTING!!!! Social Media is a Conversation, Not a Broadcast

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It still amazes me that there are those Small Businesses out there who are not getting the message that Social Media is SOCIAL. (Yes, I shouted that word for emphasis.) Excitement is one thing, but a perpetual state of excitement with the use of a zillion Exclamation Points!!!!! ?

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