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How to Hire a Social Media Marketing Manager for Your Business

By on Oct 9, 2015 in Blog and Commentary by Miller Finch | 2 comments

It seems nowadays, everybody and their brother is a social media marketer, but not everyone truly is.  They may have been downsized and set up shop since social media is “so easy, their kids can do it”, so why not them?

HA! Wrong.

MFM BLOG WORD CLOUD SOCIAL MEDIATo properly manage social media for a business client takes much more business knowledge and social media knowledge than the new kid on the block really knows how to do.  

Just because they know how to literally post or tweet means nothing in the bigger scheme of things. My kid can post a pic or tweet, but she’s not a marketer.

A social media manager needs to understand what social media can and cannot do for a business:

  • They need to know that it is a social platform, not a broadcast one.
  • They need to stay on top of – daily, in the current atmosphere – the changes to the platforms and how these changes affect the business’s social media marketing.
  • They need to know how to adapt to these changes for the benefit of the client.
  • They need to understand it clearly to be able to explain it to the client and what tweaks are necessary to the social media marketing plan to accommodate the changes.


Platform changes happen so fast that what worked last week may not work this week.  A professional social media manager keeps up with these changes and adjusts to them.

To see whether a social media marketing manager is up to the task, take a good look at their own social media accounts.  Those accounts are their selling tools for their services, and if they have neglected them (yes, we all get Cobbler’s Kids Have No Shoes syndrome from time to time, but not all the time) and have no current updates, or have a puny number of followers, that should tell you to dig further.  Beware of those who tout themselves as gurus, ninjas, thought leaders, influencers, or other crown-wearing names with nothing to back it up. They are in abundance out there!

Here’s a handy list to use when viewing a potential Social Media Manager’s own social media accounts:

1. First off, determine that they ARE on social media. What platforms are they using? Are these platforms you think your business could use? Does the potential Social Media manager have a good presence on at least 3 major platforms?  If she’s on YouTube and Flicker, but you need LinkedIn and Facebook, how adept do you think she will be on those needed platforms?  Probably not too well, as each is a different method and mindset.

2. On their social media accounts, is their profile completely filled out? Can you find the info you need there?  If they can’t market themselves and provide a way to reach them or find additional info, there’s a good chance your info will be absent too.

3. Do they have a good profile headshot or logo for their business? Or are they using a pic of their dog or the dreaded Blue Person or Twitter Egg?  If they don’t care about their own accounts and the photo-heavy culture of social media, will they care about your account?

4. Do they have a large cover photo or header for their account? Or is it blank, or confusing?

5. Do they regularly (a few times a week, at least) update their accounts?  Or was the last post from last season?  Without regular updates to their own accounts, they are not understanding the key component of social media, or any marketing, in that you must be visible and current.  Do you want to be in the hands of this invisible manager and be invisible yourself?

6. What types of posts/tweets are they making on their own business accounts?  Are they helpful, interesting, sometimes humorous, and pertinent to the client and his customers?  Or are they inane, outlandish, embarrassing and devoid of value?  Would you risk putting your business in these hands?

7. Does this potential Social Media Manager respond to comments, likes, and questions in a speedy fashion?  Or do questions languish for days before getting a response?  Would you want your customers asking questions on your social media accounts not to get a fast answer?  Customers are in the driver’s seat now and expect a prompt response to queries. Slow answers put customers on a slow boil, jeopardizing your good name for service.

So before you hire a Social Media Marketing Manager for your business, check out the Manager’s own social media accounts and see if they are up to par on their own business before handing over yours.

Please feel free to check out our accounts listed below:



Linked In:


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So now you see that we walk the talk. 🙂

If you are interested in learning more about Social Media Marketing for your business and about Miller Finch Media as your Social Media Manager, please contact us at 770-289-5681 Mon-Fri 10a-6p ET or email .  We are based in metro Atlanta and serve clients nationwide.



— Miller Finch


  1. Great tips on what to look for Miller. Will be sharing for sure!

    Kimberly Kline


    • Thank you, Kim! I’m back to tackling my blog posting after updating the theme. Definitely a lot of Exedrin moments in that! LOL
      Appreciate your taking time to comment and share my post, Kim. Thanks again!

      Miller Finch


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