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Old Technology Won’t Cut It For Businesses

By on Jan 20, 2015 in Blog and Commentary by Miller Finch | 2 comments

When it IS broke, fix it.

My 20 yr. old tech-crazed kid recently demanded that I upgrade my IPhone from the ancient 3GS that I’d been using. She was horrified that I had such an old phone. I was always getting her hand-me-downs, and had her IPhone 4-something that I used for apps that needed IOS 7 in order to run.  I still had plenty of working apps on my relic of a phone, so I didn’t care that I didn’t have the latest phone. I go for function over form.

However, when my banking app that I use all the time suddenly said I needed IOS 7 to make it work, my old phone just didn’t cut it anymore. It could not function in the way it used to and for what I wanted it to do. I had to get a new phone to make my life easier.

Old technology was failing my needs. 

I could have just moved my phone number over to the IPhone 4, but that would have been a temporary band-aid for a longer-range problem. So off to the phone store for a new phone. I wanted the IPhone 5S 16GB in Gold. I figured if I’m going for it, I’m going all out. And no, IPhone 6 was not in the cards, and didn’t offer anything more necessary than the 5S did.

After waiting 30 mins. to see the store rep, she got my info and then launched into a spiel about their different programs and how this one doesn’t exist anymore, that one can save me money, and this here one…..well, she lost me. It was too much thinking and rigamarole for that late in the day.  Especially when we didn’t know if the dang Gold one was available!  All I wanted was a phone, but there was more to it than just a phone in hand.

After stopping my resistance to these new options, I got focused and sorted through the phone plans, got the new Gold phone (yes, it was in stock!), signed the deal, and it was done. I’m thrilled with the new phone — it has much more space than the old ones, has a super fast speed, does what I want it to do and more, and it’s pretty. 🙂  I’m glad I upgraded!

Old Technology Won't Cut It for Businesses - IPhone 5S with IPhone 3GS

IPhone 5s with IPhone 3GS – taken with IPhone 4!

So what does this have to do with you?

I tell you this story to show you that when something isn’t working for you — and sometimes you need something outside of your purview to tell you, as in this case when I needed an upgraded operating system to function — you have to change it.

Sticking with what you’ve always done won’t suffice in the face of new options for improvement.  Resistance is futile. Those who stay stuck in the past will stay there.

The many options for improvement may make your head swim at first, but options mean choices, and not choosing is not an option.

Become familiar with what others in your industry are doing, as well as those outside of it for additional ideas. Look up a competitor on your smartphone. Is their website mobile-friendly? Is their main website fresh and up-to-date looking? Is it easy to navigate from a customer’s point of view? Do they have social media icons on their website? Click on them and have a look at their social media.  Are they staying current with updates?

If your competitors are ahead of the curve and you’re behind it, guess who will get the business? Hmm. 

If you’ve always had a Yellow Pages ad and haven’t gone near social media, you will need to rethink that for this current marketing climate.  If your website hasn’t changed since 2002, you need to upgrade it. If your website isn’t mobile ready, it needs to be to reach the ever-growing user base for mobile.  If you have social media accounts that haven’t been updated since the day you created them, you need a social media manager to handle it for you.

If you don’t have time, hire someone to do it for you.  

If you don’t have the right tools or processes for your needs, get them.

Technology keeps moving forward, and so must we. We can’t hold onto the old stuff and think it will still do the job.

Because it won’t.

– Miller Finch

Stuck in old systems for one reason or another? We can get you current and in the game on a regular basis, reliably, affordably, and professionally.  Contact Miller Finch Media by phone 770-289-5681 or email us. We are happy to be of service for your business marketing needs.




  1. Way to go Miller! As I am sure you do with most things, you saw the need and attacked your phone issue head on! I recently went through the whole phone thing (I didn’t even have a smartphone) and once I got my new iPhone 5s (great minds think alike), I was hooked. Really wondered why I hadn’t done it before. One thing I find, if I adopt something new, it needs to save me time, money, or make my business and/or life better in some way. If it doesn’t fill these needs, then I can wait.

    Kimberly Kline


    • Hi Kim,

      I totally agree with you that an adopted change has to make my life more efficient or beneficial in some way too. I’m not a “shiny object” person, but when the need to change something is apparent for my needs, I get it done.

      Enjoy your new IPhone 5S! I just went and got a cover for it. I wish they’d put the gold part on the front! LOL

      Thanks so much for commenting! See you ’round the campfires!

      – Miller

      Miller Finch


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