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Social Media Coaching and Training

Miller Finch Media offers you Coaching and Training services for how to use Social Media for your business, and how to integrate it with your other Marketing, both online and offline. Coaching is done by Miller Finch herself, a veteran of over 20 years as an entrepreneur and experienced in a wide variety of industries.

Miller Finch Media's Coaching & Training

Miller Finch Media’s Coaching & Training

Handling Social Media platforms for businesses is very different from using them for your personal fun.  There are guidelines for best types of posts, best times to post, how to generate interest with your fans, how to promote your page on other pages without spamming, and which platforms are best for your business.

We will look at your present Marketing, including your Website which is the centerpiece of your marketing plan — even if you are a brick & mortar business.  People will look you up on the Web and also on Facebook and if what they see is not appealing, they may go elsewhere. Your content is what will keep your visitors and customers returning, and you must have great content that is helpful, interesting, and engaging.  Whether it be content on your website or content on your social platforms, great content is essential.

Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, Google +, and Pinterest — all have “best practices” that are important to know before you start using these platforms for your business.  If not followed, your posts are never seen, you could be considered a spammer and unfollowed and/or reported, or just considered annoying.  And if you are using the wrong platform, all the time and effort put into them is wasted.  You must be where your customers and potential customers are.

If you have intermediate Social Media management skills, you’ll be able to up them to the next level. Come with your questions and you’ll get answers!  Each training is customized for your needs.

Keep in mind that learning Social Media is an ongoing process and this training and coaching will improve your skills, but it won’t make you an instant expert. It takes many hours to achieve that level.  Miller Finch Media’s training & coaching will, however, give you a great overview if you are a newbie, or improve your knowledge if you are intermediate.

Coaching is done by phone & computer. You will be able to ask questions on your particular social media marketing issues as well as receiving customized coaching for your business and ideas to tweak and improve your current marketing plan.

Cost for Coaching is $150 per hour for one person or $250 for two people.  Payment can be made through Paypal or by check or credit card.  Classes for larger groups can be arranged. Please contact us for further details via at email  or 770-289-5681  M-F 10-6 ET

Thank you for your interest in learning more about using Social Media Marketing for your business!  We look forward to hearing from you soon.


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