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With half of small businesses in the U.S. still not using social media, yet 72% of U.S. adults use social media, some businesses are clearly missing out on reaching their audience.  

Business use of platforms -- Twitter, Google Plus, Pinterest -- other than Facebook is 26% or less.  

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And there's a whopping 27% of businesses who say they don't use social media marketing at all! What are they waiting for?

Social media is not "new" anymore, it is an essential element of business marketing and has been now for a number of years.

It's not too late to get in the game, so read on!

Most businesses who don't use social media for marketing -- and some who do -- have TIME and KNOWLEDGE problems as reasons why they don't pursue using social media for their business marketing.

Maybe they've set up accounts and let them wither on the vine, dead, with no time to revive them but sending the message that the business is out of business. Not good. Social media accounts must be maintained and kept alive.

Some non-users may be in that ever-growing minority of those who still think social media is for kids and cat pictures. Those folks are not my clients.

But those of you who do not have the time (~20 hrs a week) or the knowledge to do the social media work for your business, you are our clients. 🙂


We are here to help you get your business on social media to grow your audience's awareness of your products and services, and help you generate interest and revenues, all in a social and human context..

Whether for online or brick and mortar businesses, social media enhances your business awareness and improves your search rankings in Google.  The more updated your social media accounts -- and your website -- the better the search engine spiders like you.  And if people can find you, they can contact you. Your online presence is where people turn before they contact you.  Consumers will search you and your competitors online before they even pick up the phone to contact you, so it is imperative that you have a robust online presence.  A mobile friendly website is also needed in today's climate, as many searches happen on mobile.

Social Media Marketing will also enhance your connection to your customers when they interact with your helpful, informative, and fun update. It's a great resource for customer service, for announcing special events and promotions, for sharing your business news, and for your business to interact with other businesses that complement yours.

So how do we make this happen? Glad you asked. 

We start with a conversation to discuss current marketing efforts, website analysis, social media goals, social media strategy, competitors and industry trends, reviews of the business, client use and understanding of social media, and more. See list below.

All Social Media Marketing Management Agreements Include Discussion of:

  • Your marketing plan and social media goals
  • Social Media Strategy
  • Analysis of competitors, industry, future industry trends
  • Analysis of your website & update schedule
  • Branding and existing marketing efforts
  • Target audience demographics, brand personas
  • Advertising budget
  • Best platforms for target audience reach
  • Client participation on Social Media
  • Offline Marketing Efforts
  • Online Reviews of the business

Platforms available include: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google +, YouTube, Blog, Foursquare, and Instagram.



Once we have an agreement, Miller Finch Media digs deeply into your website content, your business and its competitors, your reviews, your existing marketing, your existing social media accounts, and your industry overall. Whatever it takes to learn more about your business, we do.

We want to understand your business and so we immerse ourselves at length in research in learning about your business and the peripheral knowledge it takes to have a complete view.

Once we have that understanding, we create or revise your social media accounts, adding information, images, hashtags, and put in motion the plan to connect with followers. Keep in mind that Facebook is the most difficult platform to gain fans, so Advertising there is a must to gain fans past your own friends and family.

We will work with your website people to connect your social media accounts to your website, to connect your Google Analytics to your Google Plus page, to get corrections for dashboard images, to be sure the website is SEO'd, and other needs pertinent to the website-social media connection.

All this takes time and knowledge that is reflected in our Setup Fee. It's more than just creating a page or revising an account for you.


Management & Maintenance:  

General Overview:  We will regularly and consistently post content from your website, with additional content that we research, read, and select for best pertinence to your audience. We will create graphics using info from your website or other material (quotes, etc.). We will interact with your audience and encourage participation.  We will find and follow appropriate Twitter accounts and interact on Twitter on your behalf. LinkedIn will have published posts (if available), group additions and connections, replies to invitations, and likes and comments in the stream. Google Plus will be verified and updated. Pinterest content will be posted regularly. Instagram accounts will have regular postings from your supplied photos and hashtagged appropriately. Blog posts will be researched, image researched and added, proofread, uploaded to your WordPress website, and shared across social media.

These ideas are the general overview of what we will do on social media for your business. As each business is different, your particular plan will be different as well.  Each business receives a customized approach. No cookie-cutter stuff here.  Not all platforms are suited to all businesses, and each platform has its own best practices. We will go through the 'why' of the platform selection process with you.

Some industries by their inherent nature are tougher to market than others, especially B2B or small niche markets.  It is more difficult to market a science software than, say, a candy bar, but it can be done and we are doing it.  The type of business you have plays a part in determining fees.

Other businesses that have numerous competitors in their area such as dry cleaners, dentists, or accountants, should have something uniquely special to that business to help them stand out, whether it be community activities, great reviews, a memorable event, a unique product or service -- something their competitors do not have.  This will help in marketing your business and generate more interest for you.

What makes Miller Finch Media stand out is that we do the actual work involved in your social media marketing! Many other social media experts simply teach or talk about it, they are not involved in the day-to-day work of social media marketing.  As the old phrase says, Those that can, Do. Those that cannot, Teach. We can do both.



As you have seen from the info above, each business and situation is different and as the social media work is customized for each client, so it is difficult to state here what the definitive fees would be.  That said, many of you need some idea to plan your budgets, so here are very rough numbers that are in no way guaranteed as your fees.

Setup fees start at $295 per platform.  Monthly Management fees start at $695 per month, minimum six months.

Actual fees are determined after review and research of the client's business and existing marketing efforts.

Allow for a separate Advertising Budget for Facebook. This can be as little as $20 per week for Boosted Posts, more for regular ads. Ad budget to be on client's credit card.


 To Recap:

All Social Media Marketing Management Agreements Include Discussion of:

  • Your marketing plan and social media goals
  • Analysis of your website & update schedule
  • Branding and existing marketing efforts
  • Target audience demographics, brand personas
  • Marketing budget and Advertising budget
  • Best platforms for target audience reach
  • Client participation on Social Media

Plan Platforms available include: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google +, YouTube, Blog, Foursquare, and Instagram.


  • We have a Setup/Revision one-time fee per platform and Monthly Maintenance Service Fees.
  • Each month is prepaid prior to commencement of work.  
  • Setup/Revision fees are also due prior to work commencement.  
  • Initial payment of services would be for the Setup/Revision fees and the first month of Management services.  
  • Setup/Revision fees apply even if you have social media accounts in place. 


Our Social Media Marketing Services are for an initial minimum of six (6) months, after which the services are automatically renewed for another six months.  Miller Finch Media or the client may terminate services with a 30 day written notice prior to the date of the renewal.

Payments:  All Services are prepaid prior to work. Invoices are emailed 5 days prior to due date and payment is due upon receipt of invoice.  Our payment terms are Net Upon Receipt to insure continuous coverage of your accounts.    We also send a Paypal invoice at the same time for your payment convenience. We do not add the 3% Paypal fee to your total.  If payment not received by due date, work ceases until received. Payment denotes acceptance of these terms in addition to any terms contained within the contract.

Setup/Revision Fees are to revise, correct, and fine-tune account information and images on existing social media accounts, or to setup new accounts on the chosen platforms. Existing accounts would still need adjustments to bring them up to best practices for social media.

Client is to supply:  URLs, logos, graphics, photos, headshots, bios, information, promotional info/event info/calendar, specific target market, and content (all or part).  Client is to supply info and un-zipped JPEG or PNG images in large sizes for use on social media platforms.  Logos should be both Horizontal and Square in design for use on social media.


Additional Services:

Social Media Assessment/Audit:  We will audit your web and social media presence, and outline for you the pros and cons of each with strategies and tactics to make improvements or changes.  Includes analyzing your presence on the major social media platforms (FB, TW, G+, LI, IG, P), your website, content, review sites pertinent to your business, and your presence on the top ten directories.   Your analysis will be in PDF form and emailed to you once complete.   Fee: $995.

Reputation Management is available separately for Yelp, Urban Spoon, Google, Trip Adviser, Insider Pages. Contact us for a quote.

Advertising and Contests/Special Promotions are available as separate fees depending on application and expenses.

Email Marketing Management is available by quote for email blast design, layout, links, photos, logos, graphics, and list management using major email companies, eg. Aweber.

COACHING/TRAINING is also available for individuals or groups. See Coaching tab for more info.


Thank you for your interest in Miller Finch Media and we look forward to being of service to you soon. Contact us at 770-289-5681, through our popup form, or email us.

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