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Top 20 Client Essentials for Social Media Marketing Participation

By on Oct 12, 2015 in Blog and Commentary by Miller Finch | 5 comments

Social Media Marketing is a joint effort between the client and the Social Media Manager.


To better aid the overall effort, it is important that the client side participate. Although Miller Finch Media does most of the work, there are some requirements of the client.


Here are essential pieces to the overall Marketing strategy and in understanding Social Media:


Top Twenty Client Must-Do’s to Enhance their Social Media Marketing:  

checklist for social media marketing

Client participation to enhance social media marketing efforts is a must.

1. Website – Essential to have a good website for sending social media leads.

2. Promote social media accounts through Icons on website

3. Promote social media accounts in Email signature

4. Promote social media accounts in Advertising

5. Promote social media accounts in all Print collateral including business cards

6. Define your target market precisely!

7. Define why your business is unique

8. Write original blog posts or create visual content regularly to define your brand

9. Show the human side of your business

10. Participate on social media personally to understand it better

11. Advertise on social media to help break through the algorithms

12. Recognize that social media changes constantly & some changes will cost time/money

13. Recognize that Marketing is not Sales but can lead to sales

14. Recognize that social media is not traditional media

15. Be aware that Google search takes social media, especially Google+, into account for your website rank

16. Recognize that social media takes time, from 6 mos to a year, for your business to be trusted

17. Know that consistent social media efforts over time will yield results

18. Recognize that social media management takes time and money, yet can be more cost effective than print

19. Recognize that Content Curation is using what is available and appropriate to your business

20. Integrate all your marketing efforts into a uniform plan, with your website and blog as the centerpieces.


Additional Client Requirement:

If your reviews are terrible, you must fix the reason(s) why you received these negative reviews.  And answer the negative ones with a polite apology and positive response to the reviewer that you are making improvements based on their input.

B2B vs B2C:   People are inundated with information daily. To get them to ‘move’, to interact with you, is difficult for a new business, especially a B2B vs. a restaurant or retailer, until they get to know you through your website, your services, your writing and the value you offer.


If you are having trouble with your Marketing strategy and need assistance, please feel free to contact us. We would be delighted to be of service!  Call us at 770-289-5681, 10am-6pm ET or you may email us.  We look forward to hearing from  you!


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    • Thank you! Glad you like it!
      – Miller Finch

      Miller Finch


  1. Great list Miller Finch Media! The emphasis you place on “time” is crucial for the client to understand. If they expect immediate results, they will certainly be disappointed. I am sure this point is, at times, hard to get across.

    I also like your point that Social Media is not a stagnant medium. It is constantly changing and it is important to keep up with those changes and be willing to just “go with it”.

    Thanks for another thoughtful article!


    Kimberly Kline


    • Thank you so much for your comment, Kim! Social Media is certainly not a stagnant medium, it’s more like a rushing river and every platform update or change is like a boulder thrown in to change its course. The time it takes to learn and adapt is something most businesses don’t have to spare.




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